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The conference organisers gratefully acknowledge the generous support provided by the following sponsors:


Issured is a UK based digital transformation company specialising in the design, development and delivery of business change; data exploitation solutions; cyber security services and innovative software products.

Originating from a background in defence and security, Issured has delivered a number of major national policing programmes and services within the UK focusing on Counter Terrorism, Digital Investigation and Digital Public Contact. These have included the extremely successful “Street Safe” web portal where members of the public can report unsafe areas within their neighbourhoods enabling the police and councils to combat crime and anti-social behaviour.

Most recently Issured has developed the innovative Mea Digital Evidence Integrity suite of products to provide tamper evident remote video interviews and digital evidence capture and recording. In an age where generative AI, deep fake and digital disinformation has started to erode society’s trust in digital media, these products have been developed to underpin trust and confidence that the digital evidence used within policing and other legal and support services cannot be manipulated.

Victim Support Asia

Victim Support Asia is a network of victim support organisation that promote the development of effective services for victims of crime throughout Asia.

Zagreb Tourist Board & Convention Bureau

Zagreb Tourist Board & Convention Bureau is focused on promotion of Zagreb as an accessible European destination ideal for meetings, incentives, business and corporate events. They offer assistance and support to meeting and events planners in all aspects of their effort to bring visitors to Zagreb. Their services are free and they include: venue suggestions, assistance with bid documents, hosting fam trips and site inspections, local DMC and PCO suggestions and much more.


Boostlingo enhances language access and multilingual communications with innovative technology. Their solutions include on-demand Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) and Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI), interpreter management, simultaneous interpretation, multilingual events, and AI captioning and translations.