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About Victim Support Europe

Victim Support Europe (VSE) was founded in 1990. For the past 34 years it has been working towards a Europe, a world, where victims are entitled to access their legal rights and to receive support, whether they report a crime or not.

VSE is the leading European umbrella organisation advocating on behalf of all victims of crime, no matter what the crime, no matter who the victim. VSE represents 78 national member organisations, which offer support and information services annually to more than 3 million people affected by crime in 36 countries.

VSE regularly works with European and International Institutions to influence EU and international laws and policies on victims’ rights. They have a formal consultative status with the UN’s ECOSOC Committee and the Council of Europe, and work closely with the European Commission, the European Parliament and various EU Agencies, such as the EU’s Fundamental Rights Agency.

VSE informs organisations about future policy needs as well as gaps in victims’ rights and the implementation of those rights through consultation, bilateral meetings, attendance of expert groups and conferences. VSE is regularly invited to speak to share its expertise on victims’ rights and victim support at various conferences and events.

VSE works towards its missions to improve EU and international laws, through advocacy, research and knowledge development and through capacity building at the national and local level.