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Victim Support Europe and Victim and Witness Support Service Croatia are delighted to welcome you to the Victim Support Europe 2024 Annual Conference – ‘The Bridge Over Troubled Water: Celebrating and Strengthening Victim Support’.

VSE Annual Conference 2024 will take place in Zagreb from 22 – 23 May 2024. It will be a hybrid conference, and we hope to welcome victim support community and affiliated professionals from around the world both on-site, at the Hotel Antunovic Zagreb, and digitally.

The 2024 edition, aptly titled “The Bridge Over Troubled Water”, builds upon the foundation laid by its predecessors, aspiring to create a collaborative space where stakeholders from diverse sectors converge to celebrate achievements, address challenges, and forge pathways for a more resilient and victim-centred future.

By aligning with the National Framework for Comprehensive Victim Support, the conference aims to contribute significantly to the enhancement of victim support services, recognizing their profound impact on both individuals and society as a whole.

Acknowledging that victim support is as essential as healthcare, the conference emphasises the critical role it plays in fostering well-being and societal resilience. It underscores that the National Framework for Victim Support serves as a foundational cornerstone, providing the necessary structure and collaboration required to make victim support systems functioning effectively.

Real-time interpretation services will be provided for both Croatian to English and English to Croatian during the main conference programme.

Benefits of attending the conference:

Expand Your Professional Network

VSE’s Annual Conference brings together the experts and companies redefining the global victim support community. Join us in Zagreb to share your ideas with colleagues, to meet your future project partners, or to seek advice from people who’ve done it all before.

Access To New Tools and Expert Knowledge

Don’t miss out on the chance to merely watch a recap of an event showcasing the incredible new tools and products that fellow victim support professionals have had the opportunity to explore. Seize the opportunity to hear about innovative practices, participate in hands-on demonstrations, and engage with experts by asking questions. Gain insights ahead of others and discover how your organization and stakeholders can reap the benefits.

Gain a Global Perspective

Our annual conference attracts influential speakers and thought leaders not only from around the EU but also from our sister organizations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Additionally, VSE members from North America and New Zealand, along with partners from around the world, contribute to a diverse and global perspective. Leveraging the wisdom of these industry experts can empower you to stay ahead of the curve and make well-informed decisions in your professional pursuits.